• Green Family Art Foundation

    The Green Family Art Foundation (“GFAF”) is a non-profit foundation based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2021, the GFAF’s mission is to provide a venue for, make grants to museums for the benefit of, and educate others about contemporary artists we believe communicate important ideas that are relevant and discussion worthy today and in the future. All programming is free and open to the public.


    The GFAF presents three exhibitions per year featuring works by emerging and established artists that the foundation chooses to support for aesthetic, expository, and illustrative purposes. These exhibitions will most often be group exhibitions that feature works with a common theme, although solo shows will occasionally be held. The exhibitions will generally be curated in-house, or by a guest curator who is involved in the selection of the works, as well as defining and refining the focus of the exhibition. 








    Green Family Art Foundation

    Installation view, Black Abstractionists: From Then 'til Now, 2022. Photo: Chad Redmon.