Considering Female Abstractions

February 11 - May 21, 2023
"The joy of Considering Female Abstractions is to realize the fact that each artist's expression of their individual freedom and internal world is unique and delightful - even when techniques and styles overlap." - Darryl Ratcliff 

Considering Female Abstractions is a group show featuring abstract works by 16 cutting edge female artists. The paintings in this exhibition convey bold and brave color and line through a strong feminist lens. However, they do so using a complex methodology which utilizes flowing sinews and shapes that are simultaneously sharp, jagged, and smoothly curvilinear.


This group of female artists from around the world demonstrate that the vitality, expression, depth, nuance, and room for continued exploration and experimentation in abstract painting is alive and well. That the ability to freely express on canvas a huge variety of thoughts, feelings, and ideas still is revelatory compared to the lack of freedoms, social restrictions, tangible and unspoken barriers, danger, and violence that women experience in the real world. So the existence of these works, to demand and take up space, to confront and instruct the viewer to reflect on these artists' interior lives, to feel the things that they felt, is an empathetic and instructional gesture for the future.

Installation Views